Medium Term Strategy

by The Infinite Three



This EP is was released as an ongoing work in progress. New tracks were added as and when they were completed. These were the first murmurings of The Infinite Three. The hatching of the egg.


released September 1, 2009

Written and recorded by R.Allen and D.Knowler.



Track Name: Wrapped In Light
We started to forget
Imagining where she could be
Bowing at the sun
Desperate to believe
Our bodies wrapped in light
Our bodies soaked in light
Diamonds on our lips
Crystals in our skin
And hidden in our food
The stink of sex and blood
And hidden in our lunar seas
A seed
Track Name: Making Halves / Worm Signal
two footed goat
a worm in the well

come back from the war
and cut it in half

your father's knife is half as sharp
Track Name: Seeds Become Fire and Dissolve Our Chains
this is how we become god
eat the stars let the light in
let enzymes do the rest

say the words in mirrors
the words will shout back at you
as stars implode between your teeth
magnetic death - it is all food in the end

put the light in your mouth